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Serenova Crafts Episode 114: Scientific Sidetrack

So I didn’t get around to show notes last week. Sorry about that!

This week there’s more of my Fade and that’s about it! I know mono-knitting can get a little boring but alas that’s what I’ve been doing.

There’s going to be two weeks between this episode and the next because Kevin and I are moving house and I don’t think there’s going to be any way I can squeak an episode in unless I record at work and I don’t feel like doing that again. *However*, that should mean that I have slightly more varried content for you folks!

Couple of more things:

First, the July FO thread is up! You can find it HERE. I’ll do the drawing in two weeks when I record again.

And second…. I got the job at my synagogue! I got a call while I was at work offering me the position! It’s going to be a lot to juggle the two positions but I think I can manage it!

See you in two weeks everyone!


Comments welcome! :)

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